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Double Up These Two Medicine to Fight Fibromyalgia Pain.

Is there a more effective way to treat fibromyalgia?

A Canadian researcher think he has uncovered one. Ian Gilron is the Director of Clinical Pain Research, Professor of Anesthesiology, and Biomedical Sciences, and Faculty in the Centre for Neuroscience Studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The results of a trial suggest that combining pregabalin (Lyrica), an anti-seizure drug, with duloxetine (Cymbalta), an antidepressant, can safely improve outcomes in fibromyalgia, including not only pain relief, but also physical function and overall quality of life. Until now, these drugs have been proven, individually, to treat fibromyalgia pain.

“Previous evidence supports added benefits with some drug combinations in fibromyalgia,” says, Dr. Gilron. “We are very excited to present the first evidence demonstrating superiority of a duloxetine-pregabalin combination over either drug alone.”

Fibromyalgia was initially thought to be a musculoskeletal disorder. Research now suggests it’s a disorder of the central nervous system – the brain and spinal cord. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the level and activity of brain chemicals responsible for processing pain signals.

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“The condition affects about 1.5 to 5 per cent of Canadians – more than twice as many women as men. It can have a devastating on the lives of patients and their families,” explains Dr. Gilron. “Current treatments for fibromyalgia are either ineffective or intolerable for many patients.”

This study is the latest in a series of clinical trials – funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) – that Dr. Gilron and his colleagues have conducted on combination therapies for chronic pain conditions. By identifying and studying promising drug combinations, their research is showing how physicians can make the best use of current treatments available to patients.

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“The value of such combination approaches is they typically involve drugs that have been extensively studied and are well known to health-care providers,” says Dr. Gilron.

This new research was published in the journal Pain.

Dr. Gilron and his research team at Queen’s are members of the SPOR Network on Chronic Pain. The national network, funded under Canada’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research, directs new research, trains researchers and clinicians, increases access to care for chronic pain sufferers, and speeds up the translation of the most recent research into practice.

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16 thoughts on “Double Up These Two Medicine to Fight Fibromyalgia Pain.

  1. Ive been on both these drugs at the same time,and the only difference was the vast weight gain over 3 stone in lessthan 6 months

    1. I have been on both of these drugs at the same time,they didn’t help me at all, except weight gain,just what we all want. Let me tell you that getting off these drugs is also pure hell. I now take CBD oil and it works so much better.

      1. Was the worst time in all my years of fibromyalgia was being on these two medications at the same time. Took me months to get off of them with horrible, horrible effects. Being on the 2 together did nothing for my pain. If anything I suffered severe depression and cognitive issues.

    2. Exactly Margaret. I tried Lyrica several years back and it did help with the fibro pain, but I packed on 30 pounds almost immediately. Very disappointing.

      1. I’ve used these medication together as well and the weight gain and mental fog were horrendous I felt that I was dead alive. I went holistic only tramadol por pain. I take gaba ( omg) hemp oil, turmeric, beet root (energy) Alpha lipoid Acid And Acetyl L -Carnitine ( brain fog) and others for hormones imbalance and such. that allow me not only to have amazing skin but be functional for at least half of day. To some people 5 to 6 hrs of activity might sound weird but to us is an achievement.

  2. Read the studies conducted by the FDA. Less than 10% of study participants receiving the actual drug were actually helped. The drugs basically performed no better than the placebo. Now they were passed for Fibromyalgia is beyond me! MORE than 1/3 for each drug more like 40% actually dropped because of horrid side effects. I am disgusted that I have taken these drugs both of them for over 4 years without researching myself. Believing doctor. Detox will be hell too! The side effects people with fibro have are made so much worse by these drugs and then the doctors increase the doses! Come on….what is going on?

  3. I tried just Lyrica alone and had horrendous side effects, so there is no way that I would take it again with another drug. I’ll stick to my (unrecommended) pain relief. As my Doctor said ‘if it works, why change to something else’?

    1. I gained 50 lbs on Lyrica in 10 months. Needless to say I quit taking it. Now I take cannabis oil and it works. No withdrawals, no weight gain.

  4. I had terrible side effects from these drugs as well! Diet, stretching, and not getting stressed is what has helped me.

  5. No thanks! I have tried them all and don’t need to feel like I am on another planet, not to mention miserable with nauseau and weight gain. CBD or MJ edibles are the answer for me, but big pharma isnt making money off us with those.

  6. Been there done that was on Elavil with Cymbalta together 50 mg and was so spaced out while I was at work and I was on the pills for a good 6 months I called my doctor and told the side effects I was experiencing and I’m still in pain and was still feeling depressed lost in interest in activities. I was on a study a couple yr ago or so for Fibro was played on Lyica and Pregabalin walked away as unresponsive I smoke weed for the pain and I’m taking cbd oil. I was smoking medical the cbd that helped a bit with the pain I should go back on the medical It’s been the only thing helping a bit ,but I find u have to have a combination of both with Fibro cbd and the the difference is cbd doesn’t get you high it helps with the pain the other one will get you a bit ,but if you’re used to smoking It’s not too bad,also warning if you’re not used to it take it at bed time. The oil made me drugged the thc oil ,but I had to take a lot for it to effect me.

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