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Can you really die because of fibromyalgia?

‘’Arthritis and Rheumatism’’ a study published last year which found disturbing trends in cohort of fibromyalgia patients that may change the health care community’s approach to fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is not a disease but a chronic pain syndrome and it has been accepted by many in the medical association. Certainly it is not killing anyone. However, there have been intermittent reports in the literature of increased fatality due to cardiovascular disease and suicide.

The main results of the study on ‘’Arthritis and Rheumatism’’ reveals that 1,296 Danish female patients were with the increased risks of death due to suicide, liver disease, and cerebrovascular disease. Previous studies have found increased rates of depression, anxiety, pain, fatigue, and other psychiatric disorders with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia patients commits suicide 10 times more than general population. But the disturbing thing is that fibromyalgia patients who commit suicide, none of them had a medical history of depression and any other type of psychiatric illness at the time of diagnosis.

In Denmark, there is a relative lack of the scar often surrounding suicide clasped with the fact that autopsies are required when a suicide is defected, would seem to assure fairly accurate estimates of the suicide rate. Not only in the Denmark, no matter the country is, there is a trend towards underreporting when it comes to suicide.

A diagnosis of chronic pain is associated with elevated death rate due to a variety of external causes. It is very well a common case that a death which sounds to be an accidental case, is in reality a suicide (for example, a fall or a single vehicle accident). It has found that there is some relation of higher suicide risk with higher accidental death in patients with fibromyalgia.

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Alcohol consumption is very vulnerable to the patients suffering from fibromyalgia as it enhances the higher risks of liver disease which ultimately leads to death. According to WHO World Health Organization, Denmark has the highest rate of alcohol consumption. In addition to alcohol consumption, fibromyalgia like pain is often reported by patients with hepatitis C.

Many fibromyalgia patients are overweight, if not obese and this becomes the reason of cerebrovascular disease in them. On average, 19% of the fibromyalgia patients were found to be obese and 54% were current smokers and half of them are heavy smokers. Healthy subjects flaunted a better cardiovascular response to physical and emotional stress. Indubitably physical inactivity due to pain may contribute to atherosclerosis.

Whenever a fibromyalgia patient presents for an assessment, Physicians need to scout risk factors for suicide, liver disease and cerebrovascular disease. It is a little more work, but more than chronic pain will likely need to be addressed by patient and jobholder.

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5 thoughts on “Can you really die because of fibromyalgia?

  1. I deal with the pain of fibromyalgia on a daily basis somehow, but the fatigue is devastating. I never wake up feeling refreshed. Also the laundry list of other ailments like IBS, tinnitus, peripheral neuropathy, and chronic bursitis take their tolls on me.

  2. Ivagree it is not just the fibromyalgia. It is the pain in my legs that is excruciating. It is that cloud that follows younaround. It isvthe minor things i can’t get done because of the pain and fatigue t pole atvis all encompassing. We are brave warriors who wake up the next morning and face it again.

  3. I have suffered from fibromyalgia all my life.

    I am happily married, have a wonderful supportive family, and I have a sunny disposition most of the time, no depression.

    However, I have only ever been pain free for a few hours after I woke up; on the 3 occasions that I had surgery.

    At times the pain is so bad that I can’t help myself from the bed to the toilet.

    Though it could be said that I am depressed while the pain is at its worst, these feelings are directly related to the degree of pain I am experiencing.

    During these times, I wish for cure
    (temporarily, to escape the pain).

  4. I also remember havin this frustrating condotion since i was eight i think mine started with anxiety and domestic PTSD. Mine has all gotton worse throught the yrs and finally took its tole on my work about the last 10 yrs i worked and the ladt six were horrible. I had days if we hadnt had our own business id have lost my job for sleepin on my desk all day from total exhaustion and with my X if you werent workin you were just lazy and when diagnosed he considered that my excuse for not workin, when fibro fog was makin paperwork impossible. I have to say at times death wiukd have been preferable. But thats not my choice God gave me life he will take it. All i can ssy is take heart and just do your best even if your best is sleep all day and night for three days its what your body requires at that time. Im 64 and really have just been havin my worst symptoms the last 10 yrs and only diagnosed about 5 yrs. i pushed myself into till there was no way to go but down so take care of yourself.

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